Klaus Franz - Mime for the ears / Solo / Music for the eyes

Mime for the ears –
Music for the eyes

In his solo show "Mime for the ears" Klaus Franz makes use of his entire range of stage-skills and talents. The viewer will see  elements of classic mime and slapstick as well as visual comedy, musical clowning, magic, body illusions and object manipulation.
He thrills with his guitar or generates as a human beat-box sounds with his body and his voice and surprises you with brilliant acustic collages. He acts like a puppet, dances , hips and hops, slides, solidifies and remains in the most impossible positions. Part of his performance is robot dancing and popping - dance styles and movements that create fantastic illusions. When Klaus Franz enters the stage, absolute

precision, perfect timing and body language is required.
The body-poet celebrates mime for the ears and music for the eyes. His performances - varying from tragic to comic, from playful to poetic - are always imaginative, touching and exhilarating entertaining! The outrageously talented all-rounder is already considered a newcomer of the wordless cabaret art.

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