Barock'n'Roll Varieté Theater

„Artistokraten“ (artistocrats) – these are 18 acrobats, musicians, dancers, jugglers, clowns and mimes of the Berlin artistic scene in a brilliant Barock'n'Roll show.
The star-studded compagnie impresses with a willful and modern entertainment concept that moves beyond the traditional variety theatre shows . Influenced by the artistic origins of its founding members, the „Artistokraten“ are committed to the tradition of the „cirque nouveau movement“. They combine dance, acrobatics and arials with live music and

singing and always stay in the skin close contact with the audience. Their stage is where the audience is.
The focus of their current production is the ironic stylization of baroque culture and its inclination to the ambiguous. With insolent opulence and threadbare splendor the "Artistokraten" let a witty and naughty spectacle arise.
In 2009 Klaus Franz joined the artistic group „Artistokraten“ as a performer, musician and musical director.