Dreamlike visions

In the Ensemble "Audivision" Klaus Franz occurs together with Thomas Volle (vocals) and Katharina Landl ( piano). Her debut program "tRaumklang" is both a classical song recital on the theme of dreaming with songs from all eras - on the other hand a visual space performance. The repertoire includes , among others, Schumann's "Ich hab im Traum geweinet", Schubert's "Impromptus" to the folk song "Good evening, Good night". Thomas Volle and Katharina Landl remain

predominantly in their "instruments" while Klaus Franz undertakes the visual and performing part. He accompanies the music of the two , and communicates nonverbally with the audience and his colleagues. Hereby he makes use of all his acting and musical skills: mime, magic, visual comedy and musical clown. The artists make music solo and in pairs, sing three-part a capella , play together and conjure dreamlike visions for the eye and ear.