Klaus Franz - Mime for the ears / Solo / Conferences & Nonverbal Time Management

The man in the dark suit allowes focusing

With his boundless enthusiasm Klaus Franz ensures at your conference that the speakers comply with their available speaking time. He only communicates nonverbally. Therefore he is understanderdable for an internatonal audience and does not interfere acoustically with the straight-talking capacity. For example, he gains "hearing" by a discreet red carpet rolls out the speaker, can levitate the provided glass of water or adores the speaker and goes on his knees to give her a rose. His

interactions are captivated with their entertainment value, nevertheless Klaus Franz remains as an artist respectfully in the background. He creates his interludes in a charming, intelligent and humorous way in the knowledge that he represents you as host. With Klaus Franz your conference gets a consistent structure and at the same time a pleasant, creative atmosphere.  His mission is based on a tailor-made concept that he developes in close consultation with you.