A duo for eyes and ears

In the duo „Die Pantopoeten“ Klaus Franz worked together with the native Greifswald Klaus-Martin Bresgott. The two first met in 2002 during an Offenbach-production at the Deutsches Theater Berlin. Both overcame the desire for a common eye-and-ear Program: Their pantopoetic evening entertainment was born. As founder and conductor of Lilienfelder Cantorei Berlin and the Berlin Athesinus Consorts Klaus-Martin Bresgott was mainly responsible for the  musical part. Klaus Franz made mostly solo inserts for visual

impressions and poetic, heart refreshing change. Their first production was titled „...wenn ein Ding sich im Dunkeln bewegt.“ ("... if a thing moves in the dark.") containing the oeuvre of Peter Bichsel, Ernst Barlach and Rainer Maria Rilke.
From that time on a continuous cooperation has developed that continues in various forms to this day. For example, they took part at the „Niedersächsischen Musiktage“ in 2011 and they created an evening program on the subject of melancholy.